QSE Policies

KAJIMA PHILIPPINES INC. is a well-established general contractor in the Philippines, providing private sector clients with design & construction services in Architecture, Civil, Structural, MEPF and general Fit-out works for buildings.


The Company is dedicated to increasing the efficiency of its construction operations while also meeting the expectations of society and its Clients.


To achieve this goal, the company is constantly working to improve the quality of its Integrated Management System, Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental performance which includes strict compliance to all applicable requirements and obligations.



Kajima Philippines Inc. is dedicated to providing Clients with products and services that meet their needs, from marketing to follow-up services, allowing them to place orders with confidence and trust. The Company ensures end-result quality by listening to and meeting the needs and expectations of our Clients and other interested parties. We respond by following the plan-do-check-act cycle to the letter. We enhance processes to improve quality and maximize operational efficiency with strategic direction to enhance customer satisfaction by achieving the following:


  • Single Window of Design & Build

  • Quality

  • Delivery on Time

  • Cost Competitiveness

  • Safety & Health

  • Environment Consciousness

  • After Services

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Kajima Philippines Inc. firmly believes that Safety is the barometer of a company’s capabilities and conscience. Based on this belief, the company collaborates with external providers who have strong management capabilities to eliminate construction-related injuries, accidents, and illnesses in order to maintain trust in the construction industry while pursuing the company's long-term development. The Company adheres to the strict implementation of Safety with the regular practice of daily safe working cycle and special emphasis on KY meeting (Kiken “hazard” / Yochi “prediction”) or in common term “risk assessment”.

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Kajima Philippines Inc. pursues a distinct long-term environmental vision, contributing to broader social efforts to protect the environment and ensure economic sustainability. We work to reduce our company's environmental impact and consider the entire lifecycle of the structures we build. As a result, we hope to contribute to the development of societies that make responsible use of resources. As a benchmark for achieving these objectives, Kajima Philippines Inc.:


  • Engages in construction management processes to prevent environmental damage caused by hazardous materials used in construction projects.

  • Cooperates with the interested parties, including by proactively disclosing appropriate documented information.

This QSE policies will be communicated to all staff and subcontractors, and be available to the public and interested parties, as required.

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